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(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient.)

NOC - State Pollution Control Board (SPCB)

Industries are required to obtain an EPR certificate online from the Pollution Control Department before commencing their operations. Contact EPR Certificate Online for assistance in obtaining the necessary certification from the pollution control department.

Audit of environmental performance

Contact EPR Certificate Online for hassle-free assistance with environmental auditing to enhance investor confidence and meet other stakeholder demands with ease, regardless of your location.

Clearance for environmental compliance

Contact EPR Certificate Online for assistance with obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC) and ensuring compliance with all relevant EC regulations.

Assessment of environmental impact

If companies require an EIA report for obtaining environmental clearance for their development projects, they can approach EPR Certificate Online. With over 100 NABET qualified EIA and ESG consultants and professionals across various locations, we can provide the necessary assistance.

Report on the study of groundwater resources

If companies need to prepare hydrogeological survey reports, they can seek expert assistance from the team at EPR Certificate Online. Our experts can provide the necessary guidance to prepare the report with ease and minimal hassle.

Environmental compliance check conducted every six months

To ensure compliance with environmental regulations and maintain business accreditation, obtain your environmental compliance report with the help of EPR Certificate Online.

Assessment of social impact

For expert assistance in ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and mitigating all risks associated with social impact assessment, seek the help of EPR Certificate Online.

Plan for conservation of wildlife

Select EPR Certificate Online for transparent wildlife conservation planning and streamline your project’s environmental clearance and approval processes.

Report on the management of environmental resources

Connect with EPR Certificate Online today for expert assistance in ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and mitigating all risks associated with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Permission for Operation (PFO)

To obtain Permission for Operation (PFO) for your company, seek the assistance of EPR Certificate Online to obtain your Pollution NOC.

What Does Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Mean?

According to the EIA Notification of 2006, Schedule I projects typically require an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). EIA is a process that examines the potential environmental consequences of a proposed or existing project before it is developed. It considers the positive and negative impacts, as well as the interrelated socio-economic, cultural, and human health aspects of a planned project or development activity. By evaluating the environmental impacts during the planning stage, EIA helps to identify necessary measures to mitigate negative effects. In compliance with the EIA Notification of 2006, the Indian government has made EIA mandatory for Environment Clearance for over 39 listed projects.

An Overview of Environmental Auditing

Environmental auditing is a valuable management tool that assists industries and organizations in verifying their compliance with environmental regulations, evaluating the effectiveness of their environmental management systems, assessing risks, and identifying and mitigating environmental hazards. In India, there have been numerous instances where environmental audits have aided in reducing risks and pollution in the project sector.

If you’re looking for hassle-free assistance with environmental auditing to improve investor confidence and respond to stakeholder demands, look no further than EPR Certificate Online. We offer our services throughout India, ensuring that your environmental auditing needs are met with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our environmental auditing services.

Understanding Half-Yearly Environmental Compliance Reports

EPR Certificate Online can help you prepare and submit your Half-Yearly Environmental Compliance Reports. These reports are typically due on the first of June and the first of December each year and must be submitted to the regional office of the MoEF&CC and other regulatory authorities. Failure to comply with environmental regulations may result in show-cause notices or even suspension or revocation of environmental clearances by the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority.

To ensure compliance with these strict environmental laws and maintain your business accreditation, contact us at EPR Certificate Online to help you prepare your half-yearly environmental compliance report.

Understanding the Concept of Wildlife Conservation Plans

EPR Certificate Online provides Wildlife Conservation Plans (WCPs) that prioritize sustainable and scientifically sound management practices to safeguard natural resources and wildlife while allowing for responsible development. Our plans are designed to provide effective safeguarding measures against harmful elements, while reducing resource dependency on forests and encouraging support for conservation in the area.

By working with local stakeholders, we develop site-specific biodiversity conservation and management plans that are need-based, participatory, and designed to support conservation efforts in the area. Our services help streamline your project’s Environment Clearance and approval processes while promoting transparent Wildlife Conservation Planning. Contact us to learn more about our WCPs and how we can help protect the natural resources and wildlife of your area.

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