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We connect Brands with Communities 

ROI-Driven Campaigns

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We ensure that we drive thousands of followers to your brand every month by partnering with relevant influencers to promote your brand in the most credible, and effective way possible.





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We help you get your business everywhere. From celebrity influencers to affordable campus ambassadors, get everything you need to set your brand on fire.

Digital World

Activate Brand Digitally!

Start Your Campaigns with
Social Media Influencers
Fb, Insta, Linkedin, Twitter

INR 499.95/ Mo

Clubs & Societies

Take Brands to Home

Be with your customers
Reach through social groups
Trusted sources for you

INR 999.95/ Mo

Colleges & Institutes

Buzz Brands at Campus

Campus Ambessadors
Grow your brand at
their campuses

INR 799.95/ Mo

Stalls & Malls

Get into Retail Places

Connect with

to Endorse your Brand

INR 999.95/ Mo

Brand Audience

Who is your target audience regarding gender, age, interests and market? Which social media do they use? 

Influencer Search

Our experts will help you to match your target audience with the relevant influencers. 

Influencer Marketing

Based on brand goals our team of experts will create a customized and optimal strategy for your brand.

Content Creation

With the help of our experts, you will be able to create concepts and content that will make influencers’ followers interact with you.

Track Results

Our team of experts will put in place tracking tools that will provide you with extensive reporting and tangible metrics for campaigns.

Brand Promotion

As one of the top influencer marketing agencies, we employ the best social media marketing strategies with celebrity marketing.

We Offer Guaranteed Outcomes

Our optimized processes save your team Time & Money when running and scaling campaigns.

It's Growki (Plus Fun!) Made For Growing Brands

Gen Z Marketing

We help the most forward-thinking brands win the hearts of Gen Z. We don’t advertise, we engage your audience with what they love!

Predictable Results

Guaranteed outcomes for S&MEs, individual businesses & big corporations. Focus on your business goals and let our team worry about the rest.

Make Influencer Content Shoppable

Seed your top performing community content along the buyer journey – from Platform to Payment. Enable your customers to browse content from their favorite influencers while creating a direct path to purchase.

You don’t need to waste your time in learning, researching, hiring and managing influencers. Start your campaign for only INR 499.95/Mo.

Manage Business Not Influencers

Take the busywork out of influencer management. Sit back no need to Discover new influencers, manage heavy relationships, and don’t waste time to collect content! Get back to doing what you do best – running your business and making money.

Why brands choose us over the big dogs.

Don’t judge us by our Size. Judge us on our results.

We're agile.

Our team process flows are completely intertwined so we can move and adapt quickly.

Fully transparent culture.

Our experts will help you to match your target audience with the relevant influencers. 

There is no hierarchy.

We work as a team to gain a collective opinion rather than an individual viewpoint.